Factoring polynomials by grouping - ask x terms to be first #35332

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This is not pretty answer but right (x+4)(9+2x), but the machine accepts only (x+4)(2x +9). So if that is the case. Please inform it in the question by saying NB arrange in the order of diminishing powers of x


[Answer timeline](http://sandcastle.khanacademy.org/media/castles/Khan:master/exercises/factoring_polynomials_by_grouping_1.html?seed=43&problem=0&debug&activity=%5B%5B%22incorrect-activity%22%2C%22%5B%5C%22(x%2B4\)(9%2B2x\)%5C%22%5D%22%2C266%5D%2C%5B%22correct-activity%22%2C%22%5B%5C%22(x%2B4\)(2x%2B9\)%5C%22%5D%22%2C34%5D%5D)


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fix #38994; fix #38162; fix #35332; fix #35331

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