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Factoring polynomials by grouping - Isn't my answer correct, too? #43280

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I got this as my answer but it's flagged as incorrect. I think its ok: -(x-1)(5x+2)


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realbug - looks like some of the solutions in the sets are repeated and that the order should have been reversed.

@petercollingridge petercollingridge referenced this issue
@beneater beneater Make factoring_polynomials_by_grouping_1 accept all valid answers
fix #38994; fix #38162; fix #35332; fix #35331

Test plan: Load http://localhost:8000/exercises/factoring_polynomials_by_grouping_1.html?debug&problem=0&seed=88 and try all of these answers:

Auditors: cbhl, alpert
@beneater beneater closed this
@beneater beneater reopened this
@beneater beneater added a commit that closed this issue
@beneater beneater Correctly (i hope) accept all answer permutations and add a TODO to d…
…o it better

fix #43280; fix #43228; fix #42415

Test plan: Answer -(x-1)(5x+2) for http://localhost:8000/exercises/factoring_polynomials_by_grouping_1.html?seed=177&problem=0&debug

Auditors: cbhl, alpert
@beneater beneater closed this in 064be4d
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