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Counting 1 - counting 1 #4980

KhanBugz opened this Issue Oct 25, 2011 · 4 comments

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its doesnt explain alot needs for info



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mjptak commented Oct 26, 2011

one might add the statement..."and he read every one". One could argue there isn't enough information given.


ISSUE: This should be rewritten from "Brandon was assigned articles 43 through 67 for homework last night." to something like this, "Brandon read articles 43 through 67 for homework last night." Or, "For homework last night, Brandon read articles 43 through 67."

Khan Academy member
beneater commented Nov 7, 2011

pull requests welcome :)


Since I am REALLY new to github, I haven't exactly figured out what a pull request is or how to go about it. I started looking into the documentation and when I realized it was about 100 pages worth of reading, I decided that I'd wait until after the holidays, when I felt like diving into it. In other words, maybe next year.

@beneater beneater added a commit that closed this issue Nov 29, 2011
@beneater beneater Clarify wording in counting_1
fix #5378; fix #5066; fix #5471; fix #5717; fix #5685; fix #4980;
fix #7111
@beneater beneater closed this in d045ca5 Nov 29, 2011
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