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Congruency postulates - this question has no answer.. #8932

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i have tried many answers to this question and none are right. i could be wrong but i dont understand why and it has set my progress back almost to nothing... please fix this.. and also have you thought about puting a skip question button on here? thank you so much!!


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I solved the question. This is the same bug that another user had identified. There is a correct solution, and the system accepts it, but it's not easy to see what the other noncongruent triangle would be in the ambiguous SSA case.


Perhaps we should try to include specific feedback in the SSA case directing students who get stuck to the video Sal made called "More on why SSA is not a postulate". It would solve all of their problems.

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Thanks @MathKevin - agree on directing to the specific video. We will add as a trello card unded "minor bugs".

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