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I noticed, when I was doing multiplication problems with my kids, that there was not enough room on the scratchpad for them to write the carry over numbers above the problem. I added an extra line above the multiplication problem to give students room to write.

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@llarsen71 llarsen71 Adding room to write on multiplication exercises.
Some of the multiplication exercises did not provide enough room above the exercise in the scratch pad space to be able to write carry over numbers easily. Space was added to make this more convenient.

Shouldn't be necessary to change all of these exercises. I don't think 1.5 has any carries, for example.


I think 1.5 is the only one that the extra space may not be that important for. But I don't think it hurts to have it there (makes the series of exercises somewhat consistent. And for students who are just learning, they may put the carry over value even for simple problems like 500 x 2. Let me know if you really feel the extra line should be removed on 1.5.

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