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Khan Academy Exercises Wiki

Welcome to the wiki for the exercise framework powering's exercises.


Khan-exercises is no longer used for development of new exercises at Khan Academy. We're always looking to improve the exercises that are currently built with khan-exercises, but at this time we don't intend to add new exercises to it. Instead, new exercises are stored in a data-store and built with Perseus.

How to help

With your help, we can make our set of math exercises even better! If you're passionate about helping, here's some things for you to work on:

Fix bugs

We don't currently have an updated list of bugs in our exercises, but if you find any, feel free to fix them and submit pull requests!

Our coding standards guide. Look here to find our coding style guide, as well as some good practices to make sure that exercise code is top notch.

Documentation and Resources

If you need help with a specific part of our exercise framework, look on our general "writing exercises" page or go to a specific resource page: