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@xymostech xymostech Make the debug statement make more sense. 439f2c1
@nphershm nphershm I suppose you can append '&debug' to an exercise url if there is already a ? to set off variables in the URL, otherwise, you need to append ?debug to 'addition_1.html', 'addition_1.html?debug' works while 'addition_1&debug' does not. This is probably obvious to most users, but still seems like it could be better described. 45b7e57
@nphershm nphershm &debug should be ?debug f635c9d
@majek majek oh yeah, underscores screw up formatting 0d2a984
@majek majek In production already. a6416a7
@marcia marcia Updated Good Examples (markdown) 0e1c759
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