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Khan Academy on Windows 8

Copyright (c) 2013 Khan Academy

Khan Academy's Windows 8 app source is MIT licensed.

Install App

If you want to install the app on your PC/tablet, please use the Store app or follow the link below.

Khan Academy in Windows Store


Khan Academy team and volunteers work together to develop Windows 8 app and continuously adding new features. The features and bugs are logged in issues section. If you want to contribute, pick the feature/bug you want to work on and code away. If you have a new feature idea or found a bug you want to fix, feel free to add an issue and work on that. It's a good idea to let others know you are working on something to avoid duplicate work. Once you are done with the issue, submit a pull request. We have a getting started guide on project wiki which also has the development guidelines we follow.

Getting Started with Development

If you have found an issue or have a feature suggestion, please submit it in the issues section.