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"""Snippets server -> HipChat integration.
This provides HipChat integration with the snippet server, for
organizations that use HipChat for messaging.
Talking to the HipChat 'rooms' requires a token. The admin must enter
the value of this token on /admin/settings. There are instructions
there for how to do so.
import logging
import urllib
import urllib2
from google.appengine.ext import webapp
import models
def _make_hipchat_api_call(post_dict_with_secret_token):
# This is a separate function just to make it easy to mock for tests.
r = urllib2.urlopen('',
if r.getcode() != 200:
raise ValueError(
def send_to_hipchat_room(room_name, message):
"""Send message to room. Token is taken from AppSettings.hipchat_token."""
if not room_name:
app_settings = models.AppSettings.get().hipchat_token
except ValueError:
logging.warning('Not sending to HipChat: app settings not configured')
token = app_settings.hipchat_token
if not token:
# The token should always be set if the room-name is set.
logging.error('Not sending to HipChat: no hipchat token set in '
# urlencode requires that all fields be in utf-8.
post_dict = {
'room_id': room_name.encode('utf-8'),
'from': 'snippet-server',
'notify': 1,
'message': message.encode('utf-8'),
'auth_token': token,
except Exception, why:
del post_dict['auth_token'] # don't log the secret token!
logging.error('Failed sending %s to hipchat: %s'
% (post_dict, why))
class TestSendToHipchat(webapp.RequestHandler):
"""Send a (fixed) message to the hipchat room."""
def get(self):
send_to_hipchat_room('HipChat Tests', 'Test of snippets-to-hipchat')
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