Amazon Dash Button plugin for Homebridge
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Amazon Dash plugin for Homebridge

As of iOS 10.2, Apple's Home app still don't support programable switch. Please use third party HomeKit app like Home or Hesperus to setup automation.


  1. Follow the instruction to setup node-dash-button and figure out the MAC Address of the Dash Button.
  2. Install this plugin using: npm install -g homebridge-amazondash
  3. Update configuration file or use Homebridge's configuration service on iOS device to setup plugin.
  4. Run Homebridge with elevated privileges.

Config.json Example

  "platform": "AmazonDash",
  "buttons": [
      "name": "Dash Blue",
      "mac": "74:c2:46:0a:f9:3f"
      "name": "Dash Orange",
      "mac": "10:ae:60:4d:6a:0b"