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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# coding: utf-8
# Made by Sandro CAZZANIGA - 20191222
from hashlib import sha256
from datetime import datetime
def calculateHash(block):
bloc = str(block.index) + str(block.previousHash) + str(block.timestamp) + str( + str(block.nonce)
def repeat(string, length):
return(string * (int(length/len(string))+1))[:length]
class Block(object):
def __init__(self, index, previousHash, timestamp, data):
self.index = index
self.previousHash = previousHash
self.timestamp = timestamp = data
self.nonce = 0
self.hash = calculateHash(self)
def mineBlock(self, difficulty):
zeros = repeat("0", difficulty)
self.nonce = 0
while self.hash[0:difficulty] != zeros:
self.nonce += 1
self.hash = calculateHash(self)
class Blockchain(object):
def __init__(self, difficulty):
self.difficulty = difficulty
self.blocks = []
genesisBlock = Block(0, None,, "Genesis block")
def newBlock(self, data):
latestBlock = self.blocks[-1]
return(Block(latestBlock.index + 1, latestBlock.hash,, data))
def addBlock(self, block):
def isFirstBlockValid(self):
firstBlock = self.blocks[0]
if firstBlock.index != 0:
return False
if firstBlock.previousHash is not None:
return False
if (firstBlock.hash is None or calculateHash(firstBlock) != firstBlock.hash):
return False
return True
def isValidBlock(self, block, previousBlock):
if previousBlock.index+1 != block.index:
return False
if (block.previousHash is None or block.previousHash != previousBlock.hash):
return False
if (block.hash is None or calculateHash(block) != block.hash):
return False
return True
def isBlockchainValid(self):
if not self.isFirstBlockValid():
return False
for i in range(1, len(self.blocks)):
previousBlock = self.blocks[i-1]
block = self.blocks[i]
if not self.isValidBlock(block, previousBlock):
return False
return True
def display(self):
for block in self.blocks:
chain = "Block #"+str(block.index)+" ["+"\n\tindex: "+str(block.index)+"\n\tprevious hash: "+str(block.previousHash)+"\n\ttimestamp: "+str(block.timestamp)+"\n\tdata: "+str("\n\thash: "+str(block.hash)+"\n\tnonce: "+str(block.nonce)+"\n]\n"
if __name__ == '__main__':
bchain = Blockchain(4)
blockn1 = bchain.newBlock("Second Block")
blockn2 = bchain.newBlock("Third Block")
blockn3 = bchain.newBlock("Fourth Block")
print("Blockchain validity:", bchain.isBlockchainValid())
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