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@billhollings billhollings released this Apr 12, 2019 · 315 commits to master since this release

  • Add support for tessellation.
  • Add correct function entry point handling.
  • Add support for VK_KHR_get_surface_capabilities2 extension.
  • Implement newer VK_KHR_swapchain extension functions.
  • Support the VK_EXT_host_query_reset extension.
  • Add support for tracking device features enabled during vkCreateDevice().
  • Handle surface loss due to window moved between screens or a window style change.
  • Allow zero offset and stride combo in VkVertexInputBindingDescription.
  • API: Add MVKPhysicalDeviceMetalFeatures::depthSampleCompare.
  • Fix conditions under which functions return VK_INCOMPLETE.
  • Fix potential memory leak on synchronous command buffer submission.
  • Increase shader float constant accuracy beyond 6 digits of precision.
  • fetchDependencies: Stop on first error.
  • Clean up behaviour of sparse binding functions.
  • Fix a possible race condition around MVKMTLBufferAllocation.
  • Fix memory overrun if no vertex buffer found with same binding as a vertex attribute.
  • Fix PVRTC texture content loading via memory mapping.
  • Fix wrong offset for vkCmdFillBuffer() on VK_WHOLE_SIZE.
  • Fixed crash within MVKPushConstantsCommandEncoderState when accessing absent
    graphics pipeline during a compute stage.
  • Fixed crash when MTLRenderPassDescriptor renderTargetWidth & renderTargetHeight
    set on older devices.
  • Renderpass width/height clamped to the renderArea includes offset, not just extent,
    and are set only when layered rendering is supported on device.
  • Set options properly on a buffer view's MTLTextureDescriptor.
  • Don't set MTLSamplerDescriptor.compareFunction on devices that don't support it.
  • Disable the shaderStorageImageArrayDynamicIndexing feature on iOS.
  • Debug build mode includes dSYM file for each dylib file.
  • Explicitly build dSYM files in BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR to avoid conflict between
    macOS and iOS build locations.
  • Makefile supports install target to install MoltenVK.framework.
    into /Library/Frameworks/.
  • Add MVK_CONFIG_TRACE_VULKAN_CALLS env var and build setting to log Vulkan calls made by application.
  • Log shader performance statistics in any runtime if MVKConfiguration::performanceLoggingFrameCount non-zero.
  • Suppress visibility warning spam when building Debug macOS from SPIRV-Cross Release build.
  • Support Xcode 10.2.
  • MoltenVKShaderConverter tool:
    • Support cs & csh for compute shader file extensions.
    • Validate converted MSL with a test compilation.
    • Add option to log shader conversion performance.
  • Update to latest SPIRV-Cross version:
    • MSL: Add support for Metal 2 indirect argument buffers.
    • MSL: Add support for tessellation control & evaluation shaders.
    • MSL: Support VK_KHR_push_descriptor.
    • MSL: Force unnamed array builtin attributes to have a name.
    • MSL: Set location of builtins based on client input.
    • MSL: Ignore duplicate builtin vertex attributes.
    • MSL: Fix crash where variable storage buffer pointers are passed down.
    • MSL: Fix infinite CAS loop on atomic_compare_exchange_weak_explicit().
    • MSL: Fix depth2d 4-component fixup.
    • MSL: Expand quad gl_TessCoord to a float3.
    • MSL: Fix depth textures which are sampled and compared against.
    • MSL: Emit proper name for optimized UBO/SSBO arrays.
    • MSL: Support emit two layers of address space.
    • MSL: Declare gl_WorkGroupSize constant with [[maybe_unused]].
    • MSL: Fix OpLoad of array which is forced to a temporary.
    • Add stable C API and ABI.
    • Performance improvements & reduce pressure on global allocation.
    • Fix case where a struct is loaded which contains a row-major matrix.
    • Fix edge case where opaque types can be declared on stack.
    • Ensure locale handling is safe for multi-threading.
    • Add support for sanitizing address and threads.
    • Add support for SPV_NV_ray_tracing.
    • Support -1 index in OpVectorShuffle.
    • Deal more flexibly with for-loop & while-loop variations.
    • Detect invalid DoWhileLoop early.
    • Force complex loop in certain rare access chain scenarios.
    • Make locale handling threadsafe.
    • Support do-while where test is negative.
    • Emit loop header variables even for while and dowhile.
    • Properly deal with sign-dependent GLSL opcodes.
    • Deal with mismatched signs in S/U/F conversion opcodes.
    • Rewrite how we deal with locales and decimal point.
    • Fix crash when backend.int16_t_literal_suffix set to null.
    • Introduce customizable SPIRV-Cross namespaces and use MVK_spirv_cross in MoltenVK.
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