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OpenCLTM API Headers

This repository contains C language headers for the OpenCL API.

The authoritative public repository for these headers is located at:

Issues, proposed fixes for issues, and other suggested changes should be created using Github.

Branch Structure

The OpenCL API headers in this repository are Unified headers and are designed to work with all released OpenCL versions. This differs from previous OpenCL API headers, where version-specific API headers either existed in separate branches, or in separate folders in a branch.

Compiling for a Specific OpenCL Version

By default, the OpenCL API headers in this repository are for the latest OpenCL version (currently OpenCL 2.2). To use these API headers to target a different OpenCL version, an application may #define the preprocessor value CL_TARGET_OPENCL_VERSION before including the OpenCL API headers. The CL_TARGET_OPENCL_VERSION is a three digit decimal value representing the OpenCL API version.

For example, to enforce usage of no more than the OpenCL 1.2 APIs, you may include the OpenCL API headers as follows:

#include <CL/opencl.h>

Directory Structure               This file
LICENSE                 Source license for the OpenCL API headers
CL/                     Unified OpenCL API headers tree



OpenCL and the OpenCL logo are trademarks of Apple Inc. used by permission by Khronos.