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To run the COLLADAMax plugin you need a version of 3ds Max installed that matches the version
your plugin has been build against.
Supported versions are:
3ds Max 8 (32bit)
3ds Max 9 (32bit/64bit)
3ds Max 2008 (32bit/64bit)
3ds Max 2009 (32bit/64bit)
3ds Max 2010 (32bit/64bit)
To run the binary you have to install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005
Redistributable Package (x86). You can download and install it from:
If you build the plugin yourself using the provided build scripts the plugin file (ColladaMaxNew.dle)
is automatically copied into your "plugins" directory of your 3ds Max installation.
If you use the precompiled version of the plugin you have to copy it in your "plugins"
directory of your 3ds Max installation.
After the next start of 3ds Max the plugin is available and can be found as "COLLADA NextGen" in the
export dialog.
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