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COLLADAMax and COLALDAMaya are new implementation of a 3ds Max or Maya plug-ins to export scene or
parts of it to a COLLADA file, released under an MIT-license.
In contrast to other existing COLLADA exporters, this new plug-ins do not store the
COLLADA document in an intermidiate data model but writes it directly to file. This leads to a dramatic
reduction of memory consumption and to much a better performance.
For more information about the plug-ins and how to build them, please read the README files in
COLLADAMax and COLLADAMaya directories.
NOTE: The COLLADA.sln solution, contained in this directory, exists only for development purposes.
To build the NextGen plug-ins, please use the solutions in the COLLADAMax anf COLLADAMaya
COLLADAMax COLLADAMax NextGen plug-in sources
COLLADAMaya COLLADAMaya NextGen plug-in sources
COLLADAStreamWriter COLLADAStreamWriter sources (Library to write COLLADA files)
Externals Third party projects required to build the NextGen plug-ins
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