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To link with the COLLADASaxFrameworkLoader, you need following installations:
- Latest version of libxml2 library or framework
Supported and tested versions of libraries:
- libxml2 2.6.30
Suitable libraries can be found in the ../Externals directory.
You can download the latest versions from:
- libxml2 -
Download OpenCOLLADA and compile the sources of COLLADASaxFrameworkLoader
as a static library.
You also need a c++ compiler. The current Project was build with
Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and the VC2005 platform SDK. You can
find the vs project file in the "scripts" directory.
The current Xcode project builds a static library with XCode 3.1. Applications
that link with it must also include the libxml.framework installed in
/Library/Frameworks. See the dae2ogre.xcodeproj file for an example.
Open the Xcode project and build it.
The "COLLADASaxFrameworkLoader.a" file will be created in the "build" directory.
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