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++ Building for windows
To build the COLLADAMaya plug-in, you need following installations:
- Autodesk Maya, including the SDK
Supported versions of Autodesk Maya are:
Autodesk Maya 2011
Autodesk Maya 2012
Autodesk Maya 2013
Autodesk Maya 2014
Autodesk Maya 2015
- Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 (for loading the solution, 2012 may work too)
AND additioal versions of Visual Studio depending of the Maya version:
Visual 2008 for Maya 2011-2012
Visual 2010 for Maya 2013-2014
Visual 2012 for Maya 2014-2015
You find the MVS solution file in COLLADAMaya/COLLADAMaya.sln
The project's build is tested for: win32, x64
Before you start to build, you have to check the following environment
variables are correctly defined. Replace 2011 with the version you want to compile for:
MAYA_PATH2011 and/or MAYA_PATH2011_X64
Note: only X64 is supported in most recent versions of Maya, so only the _X64 variable is needed.
For example:
MAYA_PATH2015_X64=C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2015
This will create a dynamic library called "COLLADAMaya.mll". The file
will be created in the output folder and automatically copied into the folder
'bin/plug-ins' of your Autodesk Maya installation.
The solution configuration "ReleaseConsole" and "DebugConsole" create
the "COLLADAMaya.exe" file in the output folder and will be copied into the
"./OpenCOLLADA/COLLADAMaya/testsuite" folder. If you start the "testAllFiles.bat",
all maya files in the current directory and all sub-directories will be
converted to collada "dae" files and checked with the coherency checker.
For help on installation, please read the INSTALL_WIN.TXT file.
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