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## Installation of openCOLLADA plugin for Maya
To run the COLLADAMaya plug-in, you need a version of Autodesk Maya installed.
Supported versions are:
Autodesk Maya 2011
Autodesk Maya 2012
Autodesk Maya 2013
Autodesk Maya 2014
Autodesk Maya 2015
Find where Maya is installed. You should have an environment variable such as MAYA_PATH2012 or/and MAYA_PATH2015_X64.
To list all environment variables starting with MAYA, type the following command in a dos prompt:
prompt>set maya
Find the plug-in binary. It will be in COLLADAMaya\bin\win
Go to Win32 or X64 depending if your installing for Maya 32 or 64 bits
Then go to the specific build you want to install.
Most commonly it will be ReleasePlugin2011-2015 depending of what Maya version you have.
The mel scripts are located in the scripts/ folder.
Then copy the files:
- "COLLADAMaya.mll" to $(YOUR_MAYA_PATH)/bin/plug-ins
- "openColladaExporterOpts.mel" to $(YOUR_MAYA_PATH)/scripts/others
- "openColladaImporterOpts.mel" to $(YOUR_MAYA_PATH)/scripts/others
Alternatively, you can also define a environment variable "MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH" and put the
mll-file into the refered directory. Autodesk Maya will load the plug-ins
from this directory too.
When you start Autodesk Maya, go to the menu
Window > Settings/Preferences > Plug-in Manager
and load the plug-in "COLLADAMaya.mll" from the extended list.
Now you can export your maya scene into a COLLADA file.
Console Build:
This build a standalone app 'COLLADAMaya.exe'.
In order to run this application, two environment variables need to be set:
PATH need to contain the path to the maya dlls
MAYA_LOCATION need to point to maya install dir
for example, for MAYA 2015 64 bits:
if the PATH is not set, windows will complain about not finding dlls
if the MAYA_LOCATION is not set, running the program will show an empty error window.
Known Maya bug:
Maya error: "Failed to find COLLADAMaya plug-in"
It's a known bug that sometimes in some maya versions maya don't recognoize the
last converter on the list. To fix this, load a extra plug-in after the fact
and it should work.
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