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OpenGLR and OpenGL ES reference page sources, and generated HTML used as backing store for .

Directory Structure

There are separate ref page sets for each of the following apis:

  • es1.1 - OpenGL ES 1.1 (fixed function)

  • es2.0 - OpenGL ES 2.0

  • es3.0 - OpenGL ES 3.0

  • es3.1 - OpenGL ES 3.1

  • es3 - OpenGL ES 3.x (will always be the latest ES, currently 3.2)

  • gl2.1 - OpenGL 2.1 (including fixed functionality)

  • gl4 - OpenGL 4.x (will always be the latest GL, currently 4.5)


The ref pages rely on the Docbook 4 and 5 toolchains, DTDs, XSL, etc. Tools you’ll need to build include:

  • xsltproc (Debian 'xsltproc' package, might also be 'libxslt').

  • Docbook stylesheets (Debian 'docbook-xsl' and 'docbook-xsl-ns' packages, might also be 'docbook-style-xsl').

    • If your XML catalog does not resolve the stylesheet URIs in the man page sources to a local reference to the installed stylesheets, processing will be very, very slow. You can find out if this is happening by invoking one of the xsltproc commands in the build with the '--nonet' argument.

  • MathML 2.0 DTD (Debian 'w3-dtd-mathml' package)

  • Docboook MathML Module 1.1 (Debian 'docbook-mathml' package, or install into your local XML catalog).

  • GNU Make.

If you’re using Ubuntu, or the Windows 10 Ubuntu subsystem, the required package names are probably basically the same as Debian.

It’s possible to build the ref pages on Mac OS X and Cygwin, but we don’t have current package names or instructions for those environments. If you do, please submit a pull request adding details to this README.

Ref Pages in Subversion are Deprecated

The reference pages were formerly maintained in Khronos Subversion. The Subversion copies will not be removed, but are no longer being maintained or exposed via the and websites.

Future Plans

We’re interested in migrating from Docbook to asciidoc, but if and only if we can find a robust way to automatically convert Docbook <refentry> documents into asciidoc, including handling XIncludes, imbedded MathML into LaTeX math, etc. We’ve tried several XSLT scripts and other conversion tools without success.

We’ll accept reasonable pull requests to improve the current ref pages, but aren’t going to put a lot of effort into them ourselves.


For historical reasons, the ref pages are under a mix of open source licenses from Khronos, SGI, 3Dlabs, and others. We are unable to change many of those licenses, because the original authors are no longer in business (SGI, 3Dlabs). Ideally we’d like to end up with a Creative Commons license on all the ref pages and Apache 2.0 on all the scripts and tools, but it’s unlikely that will ever be possible.

The SGI Free Software B License used on some of the pages is no longer hosted at the original location on SGI’s webservers, following their acquisition. Instead, we host a copy in LICENSES/LicenseRef-FreeB.txt, and have updated copyright links in the reference pages to this file.


OpenGL and OpenGL ES reference page sources, and generated HTML used as backing store for


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