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The OpenVX-Registry repository contains the OpenVX API and Extension Registry, including specifications.

It is also used as a backing store for the web view of the registry at ; commits to the main branch of this repository will be reflected there.

NOTE: as of 2021-08-09, the default branch of this repository has been renamed from 'master' to 'main'.

Please do not file issues against the OpenVX API, extensions, or headers in this repository. Such issues should be filed in the separate repository. The only issues appropriate for this repository are regarding technical problems such as broken links, missing content, etc.

In the past, the OpenVX registry was maintained in a public Subversion repository. The history in that repository has not been imported to github, but it is still available at .

Interesting files in this repository include:

  • index.php - toplevel index page for the web view. This relies on PHP include files found elsewhere on and so is not very useful in isolation.
  • api/ - OpenVX header files
  • extensions/ - OpenVX extension specifications, grouped into vendor-specific subdirectories.
  • sample/ - OpenVX sample implementations.
  • schema/ - OpenVX XML Schema
  • specs/ - OpenVX specification documents.

Adding Extension Specifications

Extension specification documents can be added by proposing a pull request adding the specification HTML files under extensions/extension_name/ . You must also:

  • Add a link from the extensions section of index.php to the extension document, so it shows up in the web view.


The license terms and conditions for Khronos specifications, including all the specifications in this registry, can be found at