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Registry of OpenXR Specifications and related material
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rpavlik OpenXR 1.0.5 release (6-December-2019)
Patch release for the 1.0 series.

Updates version to 1.0.5.

### Internal issues

- Registry
  - Reserve Microsoft extension numbers (Internal MR 1613)
- Spec
  - Clarify degree to which `xrWaitFrame` is decoupled from
    `xrBeginFrame`/`xrEndFrame` (internal issue 1246, internal MR 1595)
  - Typo fixed in `XrCompositionLayerQuad` docs.
    <KhronosGroup/OpenXR-Docs#24> (internal issue
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The OpenXR-Registry repository contains the OpenXR™ API and Extension Registry, including generated specifications and reference pages, and reference cards. The sources for these documents are found in the separate repository; this repository is used as a backing store for the web view of the registry at . Commits to the master branch of OpenXR-Registry will be reflected in the web view.

Interesting files in this repository include:

  • specs/1.0/ - OpenXR 1.0 API specifications and reference pages.
  • specs/0.90/ - OpenXR 0.90 Provisional API specifications and reference pages and API reference card.
  • index.php - toplevel index page for the web view of This relies on PHP include files found elsewhere on and so is not very useful in isolation.
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