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Commits on Nov 22, 2019
  1. OpenXR 1.0.4 release (21-November-2019)

    rpavlik committed Nov 22, 2019
    Patch release for the 1.0 series.
    This release includes some fixes, extensions, and a small build system change:
    the build system is now configured to use C++14. No code changes in the loader
    or layers have yet taken place that require C++14. **Please file an issue** in
    OpenXR-SDK-Source if there is some deployment platform where you would be unable
    to use a loader making use of C++14 features.
    ### GitHub Pull Requests
    These had been integrated into the public repo incrementally.
    - General, Build, Other
      - #141 - Support system libs better (permit system jsoncpp, etc. for easier
    - hello_xr
      - #144 - Fix hello_xr when running under Linux OpenGL X11
    - Registry
      - Reserve a Monado EGL extension
    ### Internal issues
    - General, Build, Other
      - Switch C++ standard version to C++14 (internal MR 1602)
      - Remove unused/unneeded files (internal MR 1609)
    - Loader
      - Fix typo in parameter/member names (internal MR 1607, internal issue 1233)
      - Fix deprecated usage of JsonCpp (internal MR 1604, internal issue 1212)
    - hello_xr
      - Resolve misleading use of `xrLocateViews` before `xrWaitFrame` in helloXR
        and spec (internal MR 1584, internal issue 1227, public issue
    - Registry
      - Add `XR_EXT_conformance_automation` extension, for use **only** by
        conformance testing (internal MR 1577, 1608)
Commits on Nov 4, 2019
  1. build: Only conditionally mention the GL headers in external.

    rpavlik committed Oct 23, 2019
    They might be dropped form distro source packages since they're duplicates.
  2. build: Use keyword syntax for linking.

    rpavlik committed Oct 23, 2019
    Needed for upcoming change.
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