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SYCL 2020 Conformance Test Suite

This is the SYCL Conformance Test Suite for the Khronos Group SYCL standard.

The test suite comes in the form of multiple binary executables that must be compiled before running, a step that requires CMake. All test cases inside the tests directory are grouped into categories. Compilation produces executables for each category and one fat executable that contains the tests from all categories.

Important: Due to its large size, by default the CTS is compiled in a lighter configuration that omits some combinations of testing logic for the sake of reduced compilation and execution time. This can be useful during development, however is not sufficient to establish conformance. See the sections on CMake Configuration Options and Generating a Conformance Report for more information.

Configuration & Compilation

To compile the CTS, the following dependencies are required:

  • Python 3.7 or higher
  • CMake 3.15 or higher
  • A SYCL implementation
    • The CTS currently supports DPC++ and hipSYCL
    • See the AddSYCLExecutable.cmake module on how to add support for additional SYCL implementations

Configuration and compilation then follow standard CMake procedures. Begin by cloning this repository and its submodules:

git clone --recurse-submodules

Then enter the SYCL-CTS folder and configure the build using CMake:


See CMake Configuration Options for additional configuration options that can be passed here.

Finally, start the compilation:

cmake --build ./build

After the compilation has finished, test executables for each category will be placed in the build/bin directory. The test_all executable contains tests for all categories.

CMake Configuration Options

The CTS can be configured using the following CMake configuration options:


SYCL_CTS_EXCLUDE_TEST_CATEGORIES (default: None) Optional file specifying a list of test categories to be excluded from the build.

SYCL_CTS_ENABLE_FULL_CONFORMANCE (default: OFF) Enable extended type coverage and testing logic with significantly increased compilation and execution time. This mode is required to establish the conformance of a SYCL implementation.

SYCL_CTS_VERBOSE_LOG (default: OFF) Enable verbose debug-level logging.

SYCL_CTS_ENABLE_DOUBLE_TESTS (default: ON) Enable tests that require double precision floating point capabilities.

SYCL_CTS_ENABLE_HALF_TESTS (default: ON) Enable tests that require half precision floating point capabilities.

SYCL_CTS_ENABLE_DEPRECATED_FEATURES_TESTS (default ON) Enable tests for legacy SYCL features. Should be switched on for conformance.

SYCL_CTS_ENABLE_OPENCL_INTEROP_TESTS (default: ON) Enable OpenCL interoperability tests.

Additionally, the following SYCL implementation-specific options can be used:

DPCPP_INSTALL_DIR (default: None)

DPCPP_FLAGS (default: None) Set additional compiler flags for DPC++ compiler. This options applies only if SYCL_IMPLEMENTATION is set to DPCPP.

DPCPP_TARGET_TRIPLES (default: None) Configures compilation for specified target triple.

DPCPP_DISABLE_SYCL2020_DEPRECATION_WARNINGS (default: ON) Disables warnings about using features deprecated by SYCL 2020.

DPCPP_SYCL2020_CONFORMANT_APIS (default: ON) Enables conformant SYCL 2020 API in DPC++ implementation. Current DPC++ version exposes SYCL 1.2.1 compatible API version by default.

Running the Test Suite

Each of the executables produced in the build/bin directory acts as a standalone test runner that can be used to launch tests for a particular test category (or all tests in the case of build/bin/test_all).

The --device argument is used to specify which device to run the tests on. Selection is based on substring matching of the device name. ECMAScript regular expression syntax is supported. To get a list of all available devices, use --list-devices.

Please see <test_executable> --help for a complete list of available filtering and output formatting options.

Generating a Conformance Report

To generate a conformance report, use the script. This script automates the configuration, compilation and execution of the CTS, generating a report file conformance_report.xml. By default, the script will enable the SYCL_CTS_ENABLE_FULL_CONFORMANCE option, resulting in long compilation and execution times.

Please see --help for a complete list of available options.

Contributing to the CTS

See the SYCL CTS Developer Documentation.