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The Vulkan-MemoryModel repo includes documentation and tools related to the Vulkan Memory Model that are not built into the core specification. The core specification is available at Other Khronos-maintained specifications and software projects that have been extended to support this model are listed in the extension release checklist.


This repo is treated as an offshoot of the Vulkan-Docs repo, and uses the same Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. See

Alloy is a third-party tool used in this repo, and is available from

Alloy Model

The alloy subdirectory includes an Alloy implementation of the memory model, a set of litmus tests written in a rudimentary syntax, C++ source for a tool to translate the litmus tests to alloy, and a makefile to execute the tests. Simply run "make -j4" from the alloy subdirectory to run the tests. Required dependencies are just g++, GNU make, and a Java runtime.