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Added top-level index.php, copied and simplified from the OpenGL ES

registry, on request from Jon Leech.

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+<?php include("../../_inc/doctype.txt"); ?>
+<title>Khronos WebGL API Registry</title>
+<?php include("../../_inc/registry/registry_head.txt"); ?>
+<body id="developers" class="registry">
+<?php include("../../_inc/registry/registry_body.txt"); ?>
+<h1 class="pagetitle">Khronos WebGL API Registry</h1> <!-- top left shadow-->
+<div id="mainformat">
+<h1 style="text-align:center"> Khronos WebGL API Registry </h1>
+<p> The WebGL API registry contains specifications of the core API;
+ specifications of Khronos- and vendor-approved WebGL extensions;
+ IDL files corresponding to the specifications; and other related
+ documentation.
+<h6> WebGL Core API Specification, IDL, and Documentation </h6>
+<li> <a href="specs/latest">WebGL current draft specification</a>.
+ </li>
+<li> <a href="specs/latest/webgl.idl"> webgl.idl </a>
+ Web IDL description of the WebGL API. </li>
+<h6> <a name="otherextspecs"></a>
+ WebGL Extensions</h6>
+<li> <a href="extensions/">WebGL extension registry</a> </li>
+<?php include("../../_inc/registry/registry_footer.txt"); ?>
+</body> <!-- END pagewrapper -->

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