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CLI Tool for managing metadata using the KHR_XMP extension in glTF files.

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glTF Metadata CLI Tool

CLI tool for managing metadata within glTF files using the KHR_XMP extension.


Binaries are not yet available, but will be coming very soon! In the meantime please follow the section below if you'd like to try out the alpha release.

How to use

Currently, binaries are not available. This will be rectified soon. In order to build a copy for yourself, you will need to install and configure Rust for your platform.

Once Rust is installed, follow these steps:

  1. Pull down the latest copy of this code from the v1.0.0-alpha01 tag: git checkout v1.0.0-alpha01
  2. Run cargo build. This will install and build dependencies.
  3. Run cargo run -- <YOUR ARGUMENTS HERE>. Some examples below:

To list out the metadata found in the Box.gltf file, use:

cargo run -- -i examples/Box.gltf --list

To create a version of the Boombox sample with metadata use:

cargo run -- -i glTF-Sample-Models/2.0/BoomBox/glTF/BoomBox.gltf -o glTF-Sample-Models/2.0/BoomBox/glTF/BoomBox_metadata.gltf -j examples/sample.khr_xmp.json

You can also read and write from .glb files as well. To create a version of the DamagedHelmet binary glTF sample with metadata, use:

cargo run -- -i ./glTF-Sample-Models/2.0/DamagedHelmet/glTF-Binary/DamagedHelmet.glb -o DamagedHelmet_metadata.glb -j examples/sample.khr_xmp.json

Available Arguments

Flag Value Description Required? Version Added
-i, --input Path Input file path Yes 1.0.0-alpha01
-o, --output Path Output file path Yes, unless --list flag present. 1.0.0-alpha01
-l, --list None Lists the metadata out to the console. No 1.0.0-alpha01
-j, --json Path JSON file path including KHR_xmp metadata No 1.0.0-alpha01
--allow-overwrite None Allow overwriting the output file. No 1.0.0-alpha01
-v, --verbose None Enable verbose logging output. No 1.0.0-alpha01

Future milestones

This section is formatted as "PRIORITY: Milestone" to give an idea of how important the milestone is to final 1.0.0 release.

  • CRITICAL: Migration flag to migrate from KHR_xmp to KHR_xmp_json_ld.
  • CRITICAL: Pre-built binaries for each platform.
  • HIGH: Input via command-line parameters.
  • MEDIUM: Implement basic writing from XMP files to both .glTF and .glb files.
  • MEDIUM: JSON/XMP input via Pipe.
  • MEDIUM: Support for multiple packets.
  • LOW: Extraction of KHR_xmp metadata into a JSON file.

Known issues

  • xmp:MetadataDate is not being updated or written.

Version Notes


  • Initial Release.
  • Support for .glTF 2.0 spec files.
  • Implements --list functionality, to list out KHR_xmp metadata contained in .glTF files.
  • Implements basic --json writing of KHR_xmp metadata.


  • Full support for .glb files. Added example.


  • Implemented support for the new KHR_xmp_json_ld extension replacing KHR_xmp.
  • The --legacy switch is required for all operations using KHR_xmp. This includes listing existing KHR_xmp data.
  • The --migrate switch has been added but is not usable yet. Will be released soon in the next release.


CLI Tool for managing metadata using the KHR_XMP extension in glTF files.


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