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I'm getting an error on IE11:

Object doesn't support property or method 'slice'



Looks like it is for @tparisi and I probably have same issue on my loader...


Sure, assign it to me


I'm trying to test IE11 with ArrayBuffer slice polyfill:
Not sure if it's a good polyfill and what the effect on performance.
It seems to pass the missing slice method error but now I'm getting other errors:

THREE.WebGLRenderer 65
THREE.WebGLRenderer: Standard derivatives not supported.
THREE.WebGLRenderer: S3TC compressed textures not supported.

WEBGL11095: INVALID_OPERATION: clearStencil: Method not currently supported
File: three.min.js, Line: 421, Column: 159

Shader compilation errors
(188, 41): Undeclared identifier 'gl_FrontFacing'

WEBGL11066: INVALID_VALUE: attachShader: WebGLShader object expected
File: three.min.js, Line: 494, Column: 264

WEBGL11077: INVALID_OPERATION: linkProgram: Fragment shader required
File: three.min.js, Line: 494, Column: 315


I'm not getting errors in FF and Chrome

I'm getting the same errors on IE11 here:

@tparisi tparisi was assigned by fabrobinet Feb 10, 2014

Any workaround for the IE11 webgl errors?


It's going to take some investigation. I don't have a time frame yet, maybe you'll get to it earlier than me. If so let us know.

@benbro benbro referenced this issue in mrdoob/three.js Feb 13, 2014

glTF example is broken in IE11 #4432


IE11 was updated to 11.0.9600.17041
ArrayBuffer.prototype.slice was added.
gl_FrontFacing is supported.

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