materialEntry is undefined #224

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I converted this model to dae in blender and than to glTF

Getting an error in FF:

TypeError: materialEntry is undefined
mesh.addPrimitive(geometry, materialEntry.object);
glTFLoader.js (line 933)

Please let me know if it's too soon to report issues like this.


This is fixed in the upcoming dev-4 branch. In the meantime to work-around, you need to make sure a material is assigned to your mesh. Duplicate of: #194


I'll try the dev-4 branch.

@benbro benbro closed this Feb 10, 2014

@benbro there is also a fix for OpenCOLLADA that is not pushed yet that you might need. If you still get issues with this, please let me know.


When I'm trying to run collada2gltf from dev-4 it complains about mising but collada2gltf from master works fine

./collada2gltf: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version `GLIBC_2.17' not found (required by ./collada2gltf)

@benbro which unbuntu version do you have ?. I tried master too, will try dev-4...


@benbro also, please file another issue with your config details, thank you !

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