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Evaluate assimp for content pipeline #52

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@fabrobinet you are probably the best person to do this.

AssImp has several optimizations that we could use in our optimization pipeline. Some of these we have already implemented and others we know how to do well (or have already coded elsewhere). The real question is how hard is it to integrate into our pipeline, e.g., data structure conversions, and do the algorithms it supports bring sufficient value to justify the effort and extra dependency compared to custom code?

The license is 3-clause BSD, which is compatible, of course.


Is there still interest? Should we close this?


Hello, I'm author of Catalyzer project. I have similar goals to your project, I wish I could find your project a little bit earlier :smile:

Assimp provides both C and C++ interfaces. One of interesting features of assimp is that you aren't collada-only anymore.

Regards to the optimizations, assimp provides:

  • Removal of unnecessary attributes and scene nodes which results in better scene graph and mesh optimizations
  • Mesh optimizations post process steps which can unify meshes to reduce required draw calls in target application
  • Vertex optimization step for better cache locality on GPU which is very important to game developers

I also have noticed that (quad) geometries triangulated and optimized in assimp are more compact than manually triangulated models in modeling applications.

I am already using OpenMP to batch convert models in parallel, which is an easy task since assimp is thread safe.


@fabrobinet is there still interest/time here? Or should we close this?

@pjcozzi pjcozzi closed this
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