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KiCad Docs Website Source

Docs website source for kicad :D


  • Ruby 2.3 or higher

  • Bundle

Getting started

Ruby deps

After cloning the project, run

bundle install

to download the required ruby packages.

Kicad-doc source

git clone kicad-doc

Build each required branch version as defined in _source/_data/versions.yml Take the entire resulting /build/ folder (literally the entire folder) and rename it to the <VERSION> folder here

This needs to be automated later for "local development"

Process the docs

The "build" folder docs then need to be transformed and wrestled into their final form for the site.

To do this just run

rake process_files

Running the site in development

Basic development can then be done by

jekyll serve

Running the complete site container

Local verification of the container for the pod can be tested by building it, for exmaple with:

docker build -t kicadeda/kicad-docs-website .

And then it can be served locally by

docker run --rm -p 8081:8081 kicadeda/kicad-docs-website

To debug or inspect the stuff included in the image use

docker run --rm --entrypoint=ash -it kicadeda/kicad-docs-website

Or if the container is already running

docker exec -it <container id> ash

If editing the nginx config /etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf you will want to execute

nginx -s reload

To reload the config without causing nginx to stop which would terminate the container

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