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Latest commit 0b6147e Jan 24, 2017 Wayne Stambaugh Minor developer's documentation fixes.
Fix duplicate table of content links.

Fix heading level issues in version 6 road map.

Add new Python action menu options to compiling document.
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3d-viewer 3D-Viewer: Improvements on reflection and refraction Jan 21, 2017
CMakeModules added missing FindPixman script Dec 12, 2016
Documentation Minor developer's documentation fixes. Jan 24, 2017
bitmap2component Add more "override" markers. Sep 25, 2016
bitmaps_png Remove unused icons. cleanup a svg file (no actual change in icon). Jan 23, 2017
common Store menu titles in CONTEXT_MENU Jan 23, 2017
cvpcb Code cleaning: remove pcbcommon.* which contains nothing really usefu… Dec 31, 2016
demos complex_hierarchy: minor changes in texts (add info in page frame) Jan 15, 2017
eeschema eeschema/add_component setfocus moved into OnInitDialog Jan 23, 2017
gerbview Gerber files: Enable net attributes options in plot Gerber dlg and fi… Oct 23, 2016
helpers Extended fixes_alias description Oct 7, 2016
include Store menu titles in CONTEXT_MENU Jan 23, 2017
kicad Add Help Menu item to open browser at kicad-pcb.org/contribute Oct 10, 2016
lib_dxf Explicitly mark overriding functions. Sep 24, 2016
new Move the non shared file class_sch_screen.h to eeschema folder. Code … Jul 29, 2015
pagelayout_editor Add Help Menu item to open browser at kicad-pcb.org/contribute Oct 10, 2016
patches Add wxwidgets patch for unicode pasteboard. Sep 17, 2016
pcb_calculator pcb_calculator/transline/microstrip.cpp: remove useless local var, sh… Jan 20, 2017
pcbnew Macos SetFocus() and SetSelection moved into OnInitDialog Jan 23, 2017
plugins Clean up warnings from exception handlers Oct 10, 2016
polygon Remove check for undefined behaviour Sep 29, 2016
potrace Update potrace library from 1.12 to 1.13, due to a bug fix in 1.13 Feb 28, 2016
qa Fix PAD_SHAPE_T value in a old python script Nov 25, 2016
resources/linux/mime Add mime package for gerber and excellon files Jun 8, 2016
scripting Pcbnew: Add ACTION_PLUGINS class. It allows loading python scripts in… Jan 23, 2017
scripts Add python script for DDR3 length matching using T topology. Sep 28, 2016
template Make pagelayout_default.kicad_wks match defaultPageLayout Sep 17, 2016
tools Minor CMake configuration file fixes. Feb 29, 2016
utils Clean up warnings from exception handlers Oct 10, 2016
.gitignore gitignore: add .DS_Store Jan 23, 2017
AUTHORS.txt Update credits in AUTHORS.txt and about dialog. Nov 29, 2015
CMakeLists.txt Pcbnew: Add ACTION_PLUGINS class. It allows loading python scripts in… Jan 23, 2017
CTestConfig.cmake See CHANGELOG.txt Feb 14, 2010
Doxyfile Remove MaxUndoItems, make devel option DevelMaxUndoItems May 12, 2016
INSTALL.txt Updated INSTALL.txt to list new dependncies. Fixed a dead link to doc… Sep 4, 2016
README.txt Update the REAMDE.txt to reflect the current structure Sep 16, 2016
TODO.txt Modular KiCad Blueprint Milestone B), major portions: Aug 13, 2014
copyright.h Update copyright header template to reflect current usage Jun 7, 2016
license_for_documentation.txt 1) Add "rules" to base of tree for copying into BZR_HOME/rules. May 26, 2013
uncrustify.cfg Fix case statement indentation setting for uncrustify. Jan 8, 2015


For specific documentation like Compiling, GUI translation, old
changelogs see the Documentation subfolder.

AUTHORS.txt       - The authors, contributors, document writers and translators list
CMakeList.txt     - Main CMAKE build tool script
COPYRIGHT.txt     - A copy of the GNU General Public License Version 2
CTestConfig.cmake - Support for CTest and CDash testing tools
Doxyfile          - Doxygen config file for KiCad
INSTALL.txt       - The release (binary) installation instructions
TODO.txt          - Todo list (looks outdated)
uncrustify.cfg    - Uncrustify config file for uncrustify sources formatting tool

3d-viewer         - Sourcecode of the 3D viewer
bitmap2component  - Sourcecode of the bitmap to pcb artwork converter
bitmaps_png       - Menu and program icons
CMakeModules      - Modules for the CMAKE build tool
common            - Sourcecode of the common library
cvpcb             - Sourcecode of the CvPCB tool
demos             - Some demo examples
Documentation     - Developer documentation. Old changelogs etcetera.
eeschema          - Sourcecode of the schematic editor
gerbview          - Sourcecode of the gerber viewer
helpers           - Helper tools and utilities for development
include           - Interfaces to the common library
kicad             - Sourcecode of the project manager
lib_dxf           - Sourcecode of the polygon library
new               - Staging area for the new schematic library format
pagelayout_editor - Sourcecode of the pagelayout editor
patches           - Collection of patches for external dependencies
pcbnew            - Sourcecode of the printed circuit board editor
plugins           - Sourcecode of the new plugin concept
polygon           - Sourcecode of the polygon library
potrace           - Sourcecode of the potrace library
qa                - Testcases using the python interface
resources         - Resources for freedesktop mime-types for linux
scripting         - SWIG Python scripting definitions
scripts           - Helper scripts for various things
template          - Project and pagelayout templates
tools             - Other miscellaneous helpers for testing
utils             - Small utils for kicad, e.g. IDF tools