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Adding new pages

The desired format for new pages is asciidoc(.adoc) to keep inline with the KiCad documentation repository. Do not use markdown even though that is hugo’s preferred format.

HTML pages are allowed if special formatting is required (i.e. downloads page).

If the new page contains content that you cut out of some old page, make sure the old page includes a link to the new page. We want people who bookmarked that old page to be able to find the content at the new page, because Cool URIs don’t change.

There is a feature called aliases[] in hugo, but that feature is a bit broken in hugo 0.14. See the github issue;

We use a workaround that is creating the file and path in the static directory in stead, see for example the file in static/display/KICAD/External+Tools/index.html

"Dynamic" content

We are using a static site generator so we do not have the ability for scripted dynamic content. Avoid having content that needs to be "frequently" updated unless you are volunteering to maintain it for the forseeable future. An example of "dynamic" content would be a list of "recent bugs".

Adding new images

Ensure your images go into a folder in /static/img that makes sense. General stuff can stay in that folder. Grouped content such as screenshots, Made With KiCad, frontpage, etc should go into the respective folder (or make a new one). Try and keep image sizes reasonable. Use JPG instead of PNG if you must to get image file sizes down and if it makes sense.

Additional requirements

Besides agreeing to the licensing and meeting the above guidelines, you must meet certain requirements for parts of the website.

Made With KiCad

If you wish to submit a project for the "Made with KiCad" section, the project must meet one of the requirements below:

Open (by license) Hardware Projects:

Minimum: The board file can be downloaded so that it can be modified.

Preferred: The entire project should be made available for download and KiCad should be mentioned on the project website.

Note: We strive for diveristy to showcase KiCad and acknowledge your project. If you have many similar designs, please only submit the design your are proudest of.

Proprietary Projects/Products:

Proprietary projects or products have a choice of one of these criteria:

  • Directly mention that KiCad was used to design the product

  • The project owner has contributed code to KiCad (i.e. developers submitted patches on behalf of a company), the developers with contribution history must submit the pull request to add to "made with kicad" entry.

  • The project owner has donated to KiCad via CERN.