Windows builder for the KiCad project based on the MSYS2 MinGW system
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KiCad-Winbuilder provides the means to build up-to-date KiCad binaries


  1. Download (and install) CMake from here:
  2. Git clone this repository to a location on your machine.
  3. Run make_all.bat from the freshly cloned git repository

Possible issues (and workarounds):

MSYS2 issue with Windows 10 TH2, doesn't allow proper fork behaviour. Newly released version of MSYS2 contains a fix. However must be manually updated at this time (20160103).

EDIT: This might now be fixed (20160208).


  1. Launch msys2_shell.bat
  2. run command 'update-core'
  3. exit shell, now the rest of the Winbuilder process will work (although the pacman_initial log file should be removed to re-run the pacman updates)

Windows username has space in it, which will cause issues with build process (related to windres.exe not accepting spaces)


  1. Launch msys2_shell.bat
  2. run command '/usr/bin/mkpasswd > /etc/passwd'
  3. exit msys2_shell.bat
  4. open /etc/passwd in text editor and remove spaces from the username and the home directory locations (columns 1 and 5 from memory.. but it should be obvious)
  5. save file and close
  6. rename user home directory to remove space character