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Material Design Color Palette for GIMP & InkScape
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Material Design color palette for GIMP

We have been loving the color palette that Google has prescribed for its Material Design language. However we realized that we couldn't find a readymade palette that we can use in GIMP / Inkscape.

So we at KiSSFLOW created one for the community. Download the file and import it as a Palette in GIMP and then you are good to go.

It is also compatible with the ColorZilla extension.

How To

##GIMP ####(Tested on 2.8.2) Open the Palettes window with: Windows > Dockable Dialogs > Palettes. Once opened, click on configure this tab on the top right corner of the new window and select Palettes Menu > Import Palette.... Select the option Palette file and choose the downloaded file Material-Design.gpl.

##Inkscape ####(Tested on On Linux (Debian 3.2) copy the file Material-Design.gpl into /usr/share/inkscape/palettes/, and then (re)launch Inkscape.

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