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THis project is a themplate and example for renpy trainer type games, you can fork and add your own art and story on the top to create your own game. Or if you like the current story, you can get involved by joining our discord server:


To all moders: If you're thinking of creating a mod for the game, join the team and let your improvements become a part of the game itself, we are open to all kind of ideas and support you along the way.


Here are the set of features that we added or will add to the game.

  • Items and inventory

  • Shops and trading

  • Chests/bags and looting

  • Crafting

  • Fighting

  • Leveing and experience

  • Skills and learning

  • Stats and reputation

  • Collectable

  • Acheivements

  • Quests

  • Events

  • Time and day/night cycles


There will be several minigames in the game used to obtain items, cash and stats.

  • Collecting
  • Suggestion bod
  • Gambling games


The documentation index:

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