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69e42a9 May 13, 2018
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# Danger CI configuration file
# Check for changes to
has_readme_changes = git.modified_files.include?("")
# Ensure there is a summary for a pull request
fail 'Please provide a summary in the Pull Request description' if github.pr_body.length < 5
# Warn if PR guideline boxes are not checked.
warn 'Please check PR guidelines and check the boxes.' if github.pr_body.include? '- [ ]'
# Warn if pull request is not updated
warn 'Please provide a descriptive title for the Pull Request' if github.pr_title.include? 'Update'
# Warn when there are merge commits in the diff
warn 'Please rebase to get rid of the merge commits in this Pull Request' if git.commits.any? { |c| c.message =~ /^Merge branch 'master'/ }
# Check links
if has_readme_changes
require 'json'
results = ''
j = JSON.parse results
if j['error']==true
warn j['title']
markdown j['message']
# Check syntax
if has_readme_changes
require 'json'
syntaxresults = 'syntaxcheck.json'
sj = JSON.parse syntaxresults
if sj['error']==true
fail sj['title']
markdown sj['message']