Documentation for the Kickflip SDK (Android, iOS, Web)
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Documentation for the Kickflip Live Video SDK (Android, iOS, web).


These short tutorials show how to use the Kickflip SDKs. Includes code examples for iOS and Android platforms.

  • Getting started

    A short overview of the Kickflip service, including how to set up your first Kickflip application.

  • How to add live video broadcasting to your apps

    Once you've gotten your application set up, you'll want to start broadcasting live video. This tutorial will guide you through the complete lifecycle of a stream, from setting up the stream to playing it back across platforms.

  • Creating your own streaming video service

    With the Kickflip SDK, you have everything you need to build a complete streaming video service, such as LiveStream, Bambuser or uStream, complete with user accounts and authentication, profiles, searching, tagging, and geo-location. This guide will give you a thorough tour of all of these Kickflip features by helping you build a complete video streaming service.

If you need additional help, there is also platform specific documentation:


You may also wish to see the Android SDK source code or the Android Example App.


You may also wish to see the iOS SDK source code or the iOS Example App.


This is for applications which use the Kickflip API, or for people who are implementing their own SDKs. You may also be interested in the python client source code.