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KIDOZ SDK is a content discovery platform, allowing you to boost app revenue and engagement, without compromising on user experience and fun.
In order for you to get the most out of the SDK, we have prepared a short handbook to guide you through integration and management.

If you have additional questions hit us up at SDK@kidoz.net and we will make sure no question is left unanswered.


As a group of developers ourselves, we were frustrated with the dilemma of monetization VS. experience, especially in kids’ products. Our SDK was created with a lot of thought and care for all parties: Kids enjoy their mobile experience, discovering new, exciting and relevant content that is also safe - KIDOZ is COPPA certified. You, as a developer, can monetize while making no compromise: our content recommendation slider is highly customizable to brand/design, and is native to its surrounding.

The SDK will help you generate:

  • Monetization – For each promoted content click/impression, you get paid!
  • Engagement – Discovery of content relevant to app and within it, increases session time and returning visitors
  • COPPA Compliant – Our SDK is certified COPPA compliant, in accordance with laws regulating children's digital privacy and safety as required by the Federal Trade Commission

    KIDOZ In-App SDK is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.

  • Google Designed for Families – Unlike ad networks, apps using KIDOZ can be included in the family section of the Google Play Store according to Google's Designed for Families program requirements
  • We’re genuinely nice :) – Our SDK looks nothing like ad networks: it’s non-intrusive, specially made for kids, and keeps your app nice and clean - as you intended.

Content Tools

If your app is Designed for Families (by Google Play requirements) please make sure to provide us with this information when implementing our SDK.

Note: You can define yourself as Designed for Family by default for any new application, or set Designed for Family for each application you define in your publisher self service area

Unit Selection Recommendation

The best experience for kids is when presenting the content in a larger area on the screen. Our Feed (both Family and Non-family flavors) provide a smooth & non-intrusive experience.

With the Family flavor (which can also be used with non-family applications), kids will enjoy auto-play for content and/or recommended videos.

The discovery Panel is also a great option (the family Feed also provides the video auto-play feature). In both the Panel and the Feed, if a kid selects a video item, it will open in a larger window, allowing the video to be played in a bigger area on the screen, while remaining within the application context, and making it simple to navigate back.

All units can be invoked from code thus the Feed and the full-screen Interstitial (see below) do not need to have an activation element on screen.

All of our display units are customizable on the server side, allowing maximum optimization even after deploying your application to Google Play or the AppStore.

Increasing monetization is best achieved when using our Interstitial unit, as it has been most strongly adopted by the industry. Using the Family feed is also a good option as it offers a smooth content discovery experience.

Content Units

*Full Screen Units - For Best ECPM! *

Interstitial Unit
Our interstitial is opened in full screen by API call
Feed Feed (Designed for family)

*Sliding Units - Native & Elegant *

Minimized Slider Expanded Slider (Designed for Family) Expanded Slider (Vertical)
Floating Point Unit (Flexi Point) - Small & Non intrusive

Customizing Ad Units to Best Fit your Application

KIDOZ offers a set of properties that can be used to customize the ad units and synchronize them to the look and feel of your application. These properties can be set on KIDOZ server side so they can be modified without uploading a new version of your application to the store, or pragmatically set within the application, using our SDK API. Details about the server side properties can be seen here.

Native Platforms

Cross Platforms IDEs (Android & IOS)

Cross Platforms IDEs (Android)