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KIDOZ - The Kid-Friendly Monetization SDK

KIDOZ SDK is a monetization and engagement tool made for developers of kids’ apps. You’ve worked hard to create great app experiences and keep users happy, and now you can monetize without giving that up, using KIDOZ COPPA-compliant SDK. Below is our short SDK handbook. If you have additional questions please contact us at


Our SDK was specially made for kids’ apps and created with much thought to fit the specific nature of this audience in order for you to monetize in the kid-friendliest way.

Our Edge:

  • User Experience: Our kid-friendly units are designed to maximize engagement without compromising app experience or design
  • Relevancy: Campaigns are hand picked to feature top kids brands and content kids love
  • Certified COPPA compliant: The KIDOZ SDK is certified 100% COPPA compliant and meets Google’s “Designed for Families” program standards.

KIDOZ In-App SDK is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.

Our Units

Our units are all compatible with Google’s Designed for Families program guidelines and can be implementated in kids’ apps with wonderful results. We encourage you to try most (or even all) of them to see which works best for your app. To better understand each unit’s unique value, take a look at the descriptions below.

Rewarded Video

Best eCPM! | Deeper Implementation | Kids love it

Power your app with made-for-kids rewarded videos. Users will love the rewards and cool content, bringing outstanding ad performance.

Interstitial Ads

Classic Ad Unit | Design Agnostic | High CPM

Monetize better with interstitials that are made for kids: our campaigns are hand picked to ensure kids will love them and you’ll get more traction.


Classic Ad Unit | Engaging Campaigns | Friendly Monetization

Monetize using this classic ad unit. Our banners present engaging campaigns from brands kids really love.

Content Discovery Panel (will be deprecated in 2020)

Non-intrusive | Native Experience | Boosts Engagement

Power your apps with fresh content discovery units. They fit in perfectly with your app design & experience, adding a revenue and engagement layer without taking over the whole screen.

Removed Units

  • Flexi Point
  • Family Feed

Supported Platforms

Native SDK Platforms

Web SDK Platform

Cross Platforms IDEs (Android & IOS)

Mediation Platforms:

MoPub mediation adapter for Unity

AdMob mediation adapter for Unity

Admob iOS mediation adapter

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