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Conway's Game of Life implementation in various languages

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Multi-language implementations of Conway’s Game of Life

The goal is to provide near identical implementations of Conway’s Game of Life in multiple languages to measure not only the speed of the language, but for each person to assess the syntax of each, and the ease and availability of unit testing tools.

I started with the Ruby implementation, optimized it as much as I could, and then ported it to the other languages. Therefore, some languages may not be running as fast as they possibly could. Any suggestions for optimizations are greatly appreciated.

Speed Results

Note 1: These speed results are taken on a Late 2008 Macbook, 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, with 2 GB of 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM.

Note 2: The times were calculated by averaging the times from ticks 2 through 11 (tick 1 is ignored because of cache warm up).

Place Language Tick Time Render Time % slower than 1st place Notes
1st. Javascript 0.011s 0.003s V8
2nd. Javascript 0.019s 0.005s 71.4% Firefox 8.0
3rd. Ruby 0.017s 0.015s 128.5% Ruby 1.9.3p0
4th. Ruby 0.023s 0.019s 200.0% Ruby 1.9.2p290
5th. PHP 0.085s 0.023s 671.4% PHP 5.3.6
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