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0.3.0 (unreleased)

  • Big layout UI tweaks (get rid of that boxed in feel)
  • Snapshots (view, create, restore, destroy)
  • Release and Remove Hard Drives
  • Pushed Virtual Machine export to a background process. This adds an extra installation step. Please see README.rdoc There is also a nice AJAX updater which displays a progress bar thanks to some recent changes in the VirtualBox gem that make it possible to get the current progress.
  • Added an Import functionality that uses the same progress update as Export (with ability to import uploaded archives, and to upload new import archives)
  • Added ability to remove exports or imports from the application using a delete link
  • Added ability to download exported Virtual Machines to a file compatible with Vboxweb_rb import functionality
  • Added a couple more Virtual Machine settings to the display page and restore some removed in 0.2.0
  • Added tooltips to the Virtual Machine edit settings page labels (hover over "Name" to see what you need to put there)
  • Fixed a bug that left the Virtual Machine controls panel blank right after starting the machine
  • Able to pass in additional settings to a VM export again
  • Support for Rails 3 Beta 4
  • Big internal code cleanup


  • Using mongrel as the application server (was webrick)
  • Support for Rails 3 Beta 3
  • Support for the Virtualbox Gem 0.6.0
    • As a result of this, some functionality on the settings and export pages has been removed until the VirtualBox gem supports these again
  • Virtual Machine Show page UI update (tabs to reduce page height)
  • Hard Drive list in the sidebar
  • Hard Drive show page, with info like size, and which Virtual Machines are use it


  • Initial Release
    • View Virtual Machines listed in the sidebar, along with their type and status
    • Access detailed information about Virtual Machines, including:
      • name & os type
      • base & video memory
      • processors
      • network adapters
    • Ability to control a Virtual Machine, including:
      • starting / stopping
      • pausing / resuming
      • save / discarding
      • exporting
      • deleting
    • Ability to edit various Virtual Machines settings
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