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SimpleVersion aims to simplify how you version the artifacts of your git repository.

Using SimpleVersion you can generate consistent, expected version numbers for each commit in your repository, based on a few simple configuration options.

SimpleVersion uses some base configuration and the 'height' of your commit history to generate a version. Height is calculated as the number of commits since the last change to the .simpleversion.json file.

[!IMPORTANT] You must commit changes to the file for SimpleVersion to identify the change.

Future versions of SimpleVersion aim to provide:

  • Validation of the version based on branch configuration
  • Custom formatting configuration to support custom versioning schemes
  • Override logic with custom token replacement syntax
  • and more!


SimpleVersion borrows ideas from other excellent versioning tools, notably: GitVersion and NerdBank.GitVersioning. These tools also deliver the ability to version your repository based on the commits but work in a different manner:

  • GitVersion relies heavily on branch names, merge messages and more. I have found this can sometimes cause issues without extreme management of best practices.
  • Nerdbank is an excellent tool that removes many of the issues I ran into with GitVersion, however is more limited in scope for custom labelling formats.


To use SimpleVersion, you simply need to add a .simpleversion.json file to the root of your git repository and commit it.


  "version": "0.1.0",
  "label": [ "alpha2" ],
  "branches": {
    "release": [

The above configuration tells SimpleVersion that the version will be 0.1.0 and should have a release label of alpha2. As there is a pre-release label, the height will be appended to label, generating a [Semver2] version 0.1.0-alpha2.3 if there were three commits since the version was last set.

For further guidance, see the configuration documentation.

Resetting The Height

The height will be reset to 0 when SimpleVersion detects a change to either the version or the label in the .simpleversion.json file.

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