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Application reads ISBN code through barcode scanner and looks for a book trough Finna API. Additionally application is able to read text through webcam and convert it to text(Google API required).


  • Usb barcode scanner
  • Usb web camera


Run yarn in root folder.

Google Cloud Platform

In order to use Text Recognition it is required to have Google API key which should be placed in fetchTextAction.js file

Run the project.

yarn run electron-dev This will start the project both in a Electron window as well as the browser.

Prevent browser from opening.

The script 'start' from package.json. Replace react-scripts start with BROWSER=none react-scripts start. When preventing the browser, the project will only open in the Electron window.

Build Electron App

Run yarn build from root folder. It will create dist folder with Electron App for Windows and Mac platforms.

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