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Kigs framework

Kigs framework is a C++ modular multi-purpose cross-platform framework. It was used as a basis for many professionnal projects.

The main goal was to be able to develop different types of applications (games, simulators, viewers...) quickly, in a totally independent manner.

Kigs framework can be seen as a fast application prototyping/development framework, a learning C++/Game development framework, or an experimental framework. Unlike most other game engines, Kigs framework doesn't focus on 3D rendering, but more on having high level features (reflexion, serialization, modularity, scalability...).

Released platforms are :

  • Windows ( x86 , x64 , for openGL and D3D, WUP D3D ) using Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • HTML5 (Emscripten) (Online compiled samples are here).
  • Android using Microsoft Visual Studio. Latest version of the code doesn't compile for Android platform (help welcome).
  • iOS in "as is" state : The platform has not been maintained for a really long time now (help welcome to set up XCode build).
  • help welcome to improve existing platforms or add new ones ( Linux, MacOS )

The main IDE to build current platforms is Visual Studio C++ 2022.

Check the Wiki to learn more about the Kigs framework...

Or our new YouTube video channel