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Kigs framework

Kigs framework is a C++ modular multi-purpose cross-platform framework. It was used as a basis for many professionnal projects.

The main goal was to be able to develop different types of applications (games, simulators, viewers...) quickly, in a totally independent manner.

Kigs framework can be seen as a "game engine", but more general purpose and more open and scalable.

Released platforms are :

  • Windows ( x86 , x64 , for openGL and D3D, WUP D3D ) using Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • HTML5 (Emscripten) (Online compiled samples are here).
  • Android using Microsoft Visual Studio. (help welcome to set up Android Studio build).
  • iOS in "as is" state : The platform has not been maintained for more than a year (help welcome to set up XCode build).
  • help welcome to improve existing platforms or add new ones ( Linux, MacOS )

The main IDE to build current platforms is Visual Studio C++ 2019.

Check the Wiki to learn more about the Kigs framework...

Or our new YouTube video channel