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Introduction to KiiReferral

KiiReferral is a tool created by Kii Labs that allows you to quickly add social sharing and referral tracking to your app in just a few minutes. The features currently include:

  • Generate campaigns and referral links from the developer portal
  • Track shares, clicks and conversions in real-time
  • Allow users to share links via Facebook, Twitter, SMS and email directly from the app
  • Track conversions on a user-level via the SDK
    • Trigger events when conversions occur (i.e. give bonus points, extra features, etc)

Can I add this to my app?

Currently, KiiReferral is only available for iOS, and you must have a developer account set up with Kii as well as an application set up within your Kii account (for API keys, etc).

If you don't yet have a Kii account, don't worry - it's simple and free to get started. To sign up, visit

Kii Labs & Disclaimer

KiiReferral is a project developed and maintained by Kii Labs, which provides beta-level tools for your use with Kii's cloud functionality. We cannot guarantee these tools will be maintained or grow in a backwards-compatible way - so please use at your own risk and take notice of changes from version to version to avoid issues.

Setup & Usage

Getting started is easy, and as with Kii's cloud SDKs - the methods and classes are simple and powerful so you can implement using only a few lines of code.

Please visit the wiki for full implementation guides. For class references, see docs/html/index.html within the repository.