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This is the sample application for push notification with KiiCloudSDK for Unity. You can test two-type push notification on your iOS/Android device using by this application.

  • Push to App (Push2App scene)
  • Push to User (Push2User scene)

How to configure

You can run this application on your device without any modification.

If you want to use your Application ID, Application Key and Site, please check following tips.

Initialize Kii client

Configure Application ID, Application Key and Site by KiiInitializeBehavior on each scenes.

  • Open Push2App/Push2User scene
  • Click KiiInitializer GameObject
  • Edit Application ID, Application Key and Site in the GameObject's property

Note: This document targeting SDK version higher than v1.8.2 Please update SDK If you're using older one.

For details, please refer to the following guides.

Configure GCM/APNs

You are required to set up your application to work with GCM/APNs. Before you start sending pushes, you'll need to set up your application (e.g. creating SSL Certificate and Keys) as follows.

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