Sample application for Kii push plugin for monaca.
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A Monaca sample project using Kii Cloud Cordova plugin.


Get source code

Download sample project archive by clicking this link.

Import app with Monaca IDE

Import the downloaded zip file with Monaca IDE.

Setup plugin in Monaca IDE

  1. Download the zip file of kii-cordova-plugin from this link.

  2. Import the zip file to Monaca IDE.

  • Click File -> Manage Cordova Plugins
  • On the Cordova Plugins page, click Import Cordova Plugin button, then select the plugin zip file downloaded in step 2.

NOTE: We will release Kii Cloud Cordova plugin as Monaca plugin(外部サービス連携). After that you don't need to import it from Github.

Initialize kiicloud-plugin

index.js file located under www/js folder

// replace APP_ID, APP_KEY, and KII_SITE with appropriate values
kii.Kii.initializeWithSite(APP_ID, APP_KEY, KII_SITE);

For more details, please refer to the guide.

Setup push for Android

For details of setup, please refer to guide in cordova sample.

  • Replace sender_id with the appropriate value (Project ID can be obtained in Google Developer Console).

index.js file located under www/js folder.

window.kiiPush.initAndroid("sender_id", "pushReceived", {

You need to configure GCM on Kii Cloud before testing Push. About the details of setting up GCM on Kii Cloud, please refer to guide.

Setup push for iOS

Setup iOS push notification in Developer Portal on Kii Cloud. About the details, please refre to guide. You need to configure iOS build setting and upload certificate in Monaca IDE as well.

Send push notification

  • After successfully finished the steps above, launch the app and login/signup with a kii user.
  • Send push notification to device with Direct Push on Kii Cloud from developer console.

For the details, please refer to Kii Cloud iOS SDK Guide or Kii Cloud Android SDK Guide


Push notification only works with "Realse Build" for both iOS and Android platform.