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A Book of Casting server/client
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Book of Casting

The intention of this repo was originally intended to repeat the IR Raspberry Potter project. It adapted to a simple client/server with sockets, so you don't really NEED to use a raspberry pi. Here's an idea, just mount a tablet into a book and serve up the webpage.

Check out the blog post at:

The rest of this readme is just notes for myself.

Setting up Raspberry PI

  1. Install Stretch via typical methods
  2. Use this guide to install openCV:

Wiring it up

Adafruit IR LEDS: part 388 Voltage drop: 1.6V Current Rating: 100mA LEDS: 2

Via = +3.3 -- +{led}- +{led}- --- 1ohm --- GND


Raspberry Potter script sends a POST to http://localhost:3001/api/cast?name=[circle] Via socket io the output is displayed on the screen Backdoor commands to send the same messages via a separate screen

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