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Fixed issue with where it wasn't copying necessary JS files

Build script was trying to copy uno-zen.js, but that doesn't exist in the current version and has been replaced by and uno-zen.common.js.
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RoryDungan committed Sep 22, 2017
1 parent 20369f7 commit 6f13c2c61eab3e13b7975f88be0a5dbcb4245e8c
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@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
# This script creates an archive of the theme files to be used with Ghost(Pro).
# Note: Be sure to first run 'Gulp build' before executing this script, to ensure everything is compiled and minified for production.
FILES="*.hbs *.md *.html partials/ assets/js/uno-zen.js assets/css/uno-zen.css assets/fonts/ assets/img/"
FILES="*.hbs *.md *.html partials/ assets/js/uno-zen.common.js assets/js/ assets/css/uno-zen.css assets/fonts/ assets/img/"
if [ $# -eq 0 ]; then

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