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Twibit commented Feb 15, 2016

It would be nice to be able to undo / redo modifications.

I tried to use cmd+z to undo my last modification but it closed the app.
I'm using an azerty keyboard so there might be an issue there (cmd+w == cmd+z).

Kilian commented Feb 15, 2016

There is undo and redo support, they're mapped to ctrl/cmd+z and shift+ctrl/cmd+z, independent of your keyboard. Could it be your keyboard is azerty but your keyboard settings are qwerty?

Twibit commented Feb 15, 2016

Oh right, i didn't saw it in the Edit menu.
This is probably a shortcut problem then.

I'm using it on Mac OS X 10.10.5 and my keyboard is azerty and the settings are set to azerty (french).

Shortcut results (Edit menu) :
cmd+Z -> close
shift+cmd+Z -> nothing
cmd+X -> cut
cmd+C -> copy
cmd+V -> paste
cmd+A -> close

Other :
cmd+Q -> close
cmd+R -> refresh ?
cmd+U -> undo
shift+cmd+U -> redo
cmd+D -> delete line

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Kilian commented Feb 15, 2016

Could be related to #5. keyboard shortcuts, especially on OSX, turned out to be a PITA.

If you switch your keyboard layout to qwerty, does it behave as expected?

Twibit commented Feb 15, 2016

If i switch to qwerty, undo / redo works with cmd+Z (cmd+W on my keyboard) and cmd+W (cmd+Z on my keyboard) close the app.

Twibit commented Feb 15, 2016

There are some other problems with the undo/redo.

Shortcut action and menu item action seems incompatible :

  • Write "something"
  • cmd+U (undo)
  • Edit / Redo
    => Nothing is displayed

There is a problem with undo/redo in the edit menu :

  • write "something"
  • Edit / Undo
  • Move the cursor
  • Edit / Redo
    => "something" is written at the new cursor's location
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Kilian commented Feb 15, 2016

I've renamed the issue, it seems that the shortcuts are not correctly transposed for alternative keyboard layouts. To be honest I probably won't look into this any further than seeing if Electron has a solution for this, as I feel this should be handled on that level, and not in FromScratch.


If you have any ways of getting an ""Azerty-cmd qwerty"" keyboard layout I would be really interested... I would love to be able to switch keyboards while maintaining the shortcuts on the same keys: when you hit a shortcut, your fingers instinctively go somewhere, and I don't want that somewhere to be changed everytime I switch keyboards.

Kilian commented Nov 10, 2016

With FromScratch 1.2.0 this should be fixed, as it uses a version of Electron that should have fixes for this. Can someone verify this?

thomasgrnr commented Dec 1, 2016 edited

No still it doesnt work for me. I'm on electron 1.4.10 and fromscratch 1.2.0. On my MacOS Cmd+Q quits the app, and Cmd+W closes the window. Since it's a one-window app both have the same behaviour and it works. But Cmd+A and Cmd+Z (on AZERTY keyboard) act just like Q and W respectively.
Is that what you wanted to do, cause i'm not sure. If not do you need anything to help debuging ?
And nice deduction btw ;) #issue40

Kilian commented Dec 2, 2016

Caused by electron/electron#8116, and applies to keystrokes in combination with ctrl. Should be fixed in Chrome 56. Current build of electron uses chrome 53, so this will be a while away :(

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@Kilian update electron to fix #9 23db58b
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