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jQuery.pulsate.js adds a pulsating effect to elements. Useful for drawing the users attention.
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Adds a pulsating effect to elements. It started out as an experiment with outline-offset by Kilian Valkhof. By animating it you can create a pulsating effect that's useful for focussing attention to a certain part of your webpage in a subtle way.

See the examples.


$ bower install jquery.pulsate


  color: $(this).css("background-color"), // set the color of the pulse
  reach: 20,                              // how far the pulse goes in px
  speed: 1000,          // how long one pulse takes in ms
  pause: 0,             // how long the pause between pulses is in ms
  glow: true,           // if the glow should be shown too
  repeat: true,         // will repeat forever if true, if given a number will repeat for that many times
  onHover: false        // if true only pulsate if user hovers over the element


Dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses.

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